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Reviews for The Rasner Effect

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Unique Thriller, September 22, 2009
By  L. BrandauOn Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com
The Rasner Effect is one of the most unusual thrillers I've read. It is also difficult to review without giving away any of the surprising plot twists. The mysterious past of Rick Rasner and his current work at the psychiatric home creates an interesting story, and just when you are very comfortable with the plotlines, everything changes. I mean, really, everything changes. At first, I was not happy with the changes in the book. I was actually disappointed in the twists, but by the end of the book I was pleased to have read such an unusual thriller and I swear, I think the author winked at the reader by the end.

The characters are well-developed and vary in personality and nature. Be sure to read the About Author Mark Rosendorf at the end of the book. It made me laugh and put the book in perfect perspective. The Rasner Effect is a great story that captured my attention and didn't let go. I am looking forward to reading more from Mark Rosendorf .


Here is another Review on Amazon posted by Susan Whitfield:

I finished Mark's wonderful psycho thriller late last night and posted a review on Amazon.

If you haven't read The Rasner Effect, you're missing a treat.

My Amazon Review:


First of all, let me say that The Rasner Effect literally kept me up far into a dark and stormy night with no electricity to read by. I resorted to a small flashlight in order to complete my journey through Rosendorf's first psycho thriller!

The Rasner Effect is an action-chocked story of how humans can be controlled and their personalities and actions shaped for good or for evil...a suppression of aggressive tendencies or a return to monster status.

Meet Rick Rasner: compassionate counselor or psychotic assassin? Likeable or despicable?

Find a comfy chair and strap yourself in for an electric jolt from a new writer who, I hope, will thrill us again soon.

Rosendorf: compassionate counselor or...? Decide for yourself.


I am going to start this review at the end of the book. I love to be non traditional in my reviews!

The very last page of the book contains a short biography of the author. It was the opening sentence of this section that caught my eye, it essentially sums up this fast paced thriller more eloquently than I could ever do in a single sentence.

Mark Rosendorf is not mentally unbalanced or violently psychotic, despite what his writing may suggest.

The Rasner Effect is a no holds barred book, it rattles along at a rapid pace.

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Posted on June 26th, 2009

by Simon Barrett


Rosendorf delivers plenty of nail-biting suspense along with chillingly evil characters and a thrilling plot as two opposing forces clash and re-clash in a battle to the death. Is this good versus evil or evil versus evil? The reader will have to make that decision while enjoying a galvanizing story.


Christy Tillery French

Midwest Book Reviews


I found the book The Rasner Effect online at amazon.com and it looked interesting. As I read it, It had a psychiatric facility for children that reminded me of my junior high school. The story intertwined many characters from different walks of life including a past mercenary, an inner city teenager, and a ruthless underground government organization. The characters were so well defined that you could draw pictures of each one and knew exactly what they looked like. You could pick out characters that you recognize from your own life experience. The book was very easy reading and very enjoyable. When I googled the title, I noticed that it was reviewed in several places and all of the reviews were pretty good. I recommend this to anyone who just needs to sit in a corner and escape for while. You will be pleasantly surprised.




The Rasner Effect is a thriller that encompasses many twists and turns. The writing along is enough to keep the reader engaged, but the plot and characterization adds to the effect. Rick Rasner is a believable character with strings and weaknesses, and has to struggle to overcome the roadblocks the author placed in his path.

This book is well-worth reading.

John Foxjohn rated it 5 stars:

The Rasner Effect serves up suspense from the outset. Rick Rasner has lived on the edge his whole life. At least he suspects he did. The prototype chip implanted in his head, intended to control his violent behavior, has also replaced memories of his past life. He takes a job as a therapist at a facility for trouble youth and life settles into a tedious routine. When he's recruited by the reorganizing vigilante Duke Organization, things begin to unravel. An abduction, devastating fire and the realization of how his life was manipulated all bring this fast moving story to a nail biting climax. A must read book!


Filled with action, trepidation and anticipation from the opening lines; The Rasner Effect is a compelling read start to finish. Brutality, bridge explosion, loss of memory, diabolical director of a children’s facility, a top secret military experiment, the witness protection program, growing bond between therapist and teen patient, a hostage situation, an abduction, death, carnage and a destructive fire all serve to forward the complex tale.

The Rasner Effect is a multifaceted psychological thriller peopled with convincing characters, packed with gritty, pithy discourse all set against a backdrop of trickery, maneuvering and danger.

The outcome of this narrative may surprise readers, and will indisputably cause reader speculation re who really is the good guy, and who is not. Leaving the question of death or not, of one major figure in that devastating fire coupled with a certain understanding that another of the major players is left alive at the end of the book leads to conjecture whether or not a sequel may be in the future. I hope there is. Good read, happy to recommend.

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Molly Martin
Molly’s Reviews
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